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Dernier ajout : 19 décembre 2011.

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Construction et optimisation des cryptosystèmes basés sur les codes correcteurs d’erreursPh.D.Université de Limoges, France2008[pdf]

 Book chapters

2Cryptography Based on Error Correcting Codes : A SurveyM. Repka and P. - L. CayrelMultidisc. Persp. in Cryptology and Information Security,5133 - 1562014[DOI]
1Identity - based Identification and Signature Schemes using Error Correcting CodesP. - L. Cayrel, P. Gaborit and M. GiraultIdentity - Based Cryptography,8119-1342009[DOI]

 International journals

13RFID Authentication Protocols Based on Error-Correcting Codes : A SurveyN. Chikouche, F. Cherif, P. - L. Cayrel and M. BenmohammedWireless Personal Communications Springer941-192017[DOI]
12Improved Timing Attacks against the Secret Permutation in the McEliece PKCD. Bucerzan, P. - L. Cayrel, V. Dragoi and T. RichmondInter. Journal of Computers Communications & Control,12(1)7-252017[DOI]
11On lower bounds for Information Set Decoding over Fq and on the effect of Partial KnowledgeR.Niebuhr, E. Persichetti, P. - L. Cayrel, S. Bulygin and J. BuchmannInter. Journal of Information and Coding Theory,4 (1)47-782017[DOI]
10NP-completeness of the random binary quasi-dyadic Coset Weight problem and the random binary quasi-dyadic Subspace Weight problemP. - L. Cayrel, M. K. Diagne and C. T. Gueye,Gulf Journal of Mathematics,4(4)206-2162016[DOI]
9A Pseudorandom Number Generator Based on Worst-Case Lattice ProblemsP. - L. Cayrel, M. Meziani, O. Ndiaye, R. Lindner and R. Silvato appear in AAECC2016[DOI]
8Extended Security Arguments for Signature SchemesÖ. Dagdelen, D. Galindo, P. Véron, S. M. El Yousfi Alaoui and P. - L. CayrelDesigns, Codes and Cryptography,78(2)441 - 4612016[DOI]
7Critical attacks in code-based cryptographyP. - L. Cayrel, C. T. Gueye, O. Ndiaye and R. NiebuhrInter. Journal of Information and Coding Theory,3(2)158-1762015[DOI]
6A Secure Code-Based Authentication Scheme for RFID SystemsN. Chikouche, F. Cherif, P. - L. Cayrel and M. BenmohammedInter. Journal of Computer Network and Information Security1-92015[DOI] [pdf]
5Improved RFID Authentication Protocol based on Randomized McEliece CryptosystemN. Chikouche, F. Cherif, P. - L. Cayrel and M. BenmohammedInter. Journal of Network Security,17(4)413-4222015[DOI]
4Improved zero-knowledge identification with latticesP. - L. Cayrel, R. Lindner, M. Rückert and R. SilvaTatracrypt Mountains Mathematical Publications,5333-632012[DOI] [pdf]
3Post-quantum cryptography : lattice identification schemesR. Silva, P. - L. Cayrel and J. BuchmannPublicationes Mathematicae Debrecen,79(3-4)729-7482011[pdf] [bib]
2A New Efficient Threshold Ring Signature Scheme based on Coding Theory ★C. Aguilar Melchor, P. - L. Cayrel, P. Gaborit and F. LaguillaumieIEEE Trans. Inf. Theory,57(7)4833 - 48422011[pdf] [bib]
1Quasi-cyclic codes as codes over rings of matricesP. - L. Cayrel, C. Chabot and A. NecerFinite Fields and their Applications,16(2)100-1152010[pdf] [bib] [talk]

 International conferences/workshops

47Efficient Implementation of Hybrid Encryption from Coding TheoryP. - L. Cayrel, C. T. Gueye, E. H. Modou Mboup, O. Ndiaye and E. PersichettiC2SI2017LNCS 10194,254 - 264[DOI]
46DPA on the Secure Bit Permutation in the McEliece PKCM. Petrvalsky, T. Richmond, M. Drutarovsky, P. - L. Cayrel and V. FischerRadioelek. 2016IEEE,132 - 137.[DOI]
45New GPT cryptosystem based on the (u,u + v)-construction codesH. Moufek, R. Mahdjoubi, P. - L. Cayrel and K. GuendaICCC201571 - 78.[DOI]
44NP-completeness of the coset weight problem for quasi-dyadic codesP. - L. Cayrel, K. Diagne and C. T. GueyeICCC201598-106.[DOI]
43SBS : A Fast and Provably Secure Code-Based Stream CipherP. - L. Cayrel, M. Meziani and O. NdiayeICCC2015137-149.[DOI]
42A pseudorandom number generator based on worst-case lattice problemsP. - L. Cayrel, M. Meziani, O. Ndiaye, R. Lindner and R. SilvaICCC2015150-162.[DOI]
41A Survey on RFID Authentication Protocols Based on Error-Correcting CodesN. Chikouche, F. Chérif, P. - L. Cayrel and M. BenmohammedICCC2015203, poster.[DOI]
40Weaknesses in Two RFID Authentication ProtocolsN. Chikouche, F. Cherif, P. - L. Cayrel and M. BenmohammedC2SI2015LNCS 9084,162-172.[DOI] [pdf]
39Countermeasure against the SPA Attack on an Embedded McEliece CryptosystemM. Petrvalsky, T. Richmond, M. Drutarovsky, P. - L. Cayrel and V. FischerMAREW2015IEEE,462-466.[DOI] [pdf] [talk] [post.]
38Efficient Software Implementations of Code-based Hash Functions and Stream-CiphersP. - L. Cayrel, M. Meziani, O. Ndiaye and Q. SantosWAIFI2014LNCS 9061,187-203.[DOI] [pdf] [talk]
37Polynomial structures in code-based cryptographyV. Dragoi, P. - L. Cayrel, B. Colombier and T. RichmondIndocrypt2013LNCS 8250,286-296.[DOI] [pdf] [talk]
36Code-based identification and signature schemes in softwareS. M. El Yousfi Alaoui, P. - L. Cayrel, R. El Bansarkhani and G. HoffmannMoCrySEn2013LNCS 8128,122-136.[DOI] [pdf] [talk]
35A Secure Implementation of a Goppa DecoderT. Richmond, P. - L. Cayrel, V. Fischer and P. VéronCryptarchi2013
34Improving the Performance of the SYND Stream CipherM. Meziani, G. Hoffmann and P. - L. CayrelAfricacrypt2012LNCS 7374,99-116.[DOI] [pdf] [talk]
33Extended Security Arguments for Signature SchemesS. M. El Yousfi Alaoui, Ö. Dagdelen, P. Véron, D. Galindo and P. - L. CayrelAfricacrypt2012LNCS 7374,19-34.[DOI] [talk]
32An improved threshold ring signature scheme based on error correcting codesP. - L. Cayrel, S. M. El Yousfi Alaoui, G. Hoffmann and P. VéronWAIFI2012LNCS 7369,45-63.[DOI] [pdf] [talk]
31Efficient implementation of a CCA2-secure variant of McEliece using generalized Srivastava codes ★P. - L. Cayrel, G. Hoffmann and E. PersichettiPKC2012LNCS 7293,138-155.[DOI] [web] [pdf] [talk]
30Broadcast attacks against code-based schemesR. Niebuhr and P. - L. CayrelWEWoRC2011LNCS 7242,1-17.[DOI] [pdf] [talk]
29Improved identity-based identification and signature schemes using Quasi-Dyadic Goppa codesS. M. El Yousfi Alaoui, P. - L. Cayrel and M. MezianiISA2011CCIS 200,146-155.[DOI] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
28S-FSB : An Improved Variant of the FSB Hash FamilyM. Meziani, Ö. Dagdelen, P. - L. Cayrel and S. M. El Yousfi AlaouiISA2011CCIS 200,132-145.[DOI] [web] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
272SC : an Efficient Code-based Stream CipherM. Meziani, P. - L. Cayrel and S. M. El Yousfi AlaouiISA2011CCIS 200,111-122.[DOI] [web] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
26GPU Implementation of the Keccak Hash Function FamilyP. - L. Cayrel, G. Hoffmann and M. SchneiderISA2011CCIS 200,33-42.[DOI] [web] [pdf] [bib]
25Recent progress in code-based cryptographyP. - L. Cayrel, S. M. El Yousfi Alaoui, G. Hoffmann, M. Meziani and R. NiebuhrISA2011CCIS 200,21-32.[DOI] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
24Lattice-based Zero-knowledge Identification with Low Communication CostR. Silva, P. - L. Cayrel and R. LindnerSBSEG2011[pdf] [bib]
23Hash Functions Based on Coding TheoryM. Meziani, S. M. El Yousfi Alaoui and P. - L. CayrelWCCCS201132-37.[web] [pdf] [talk]
22Improving the efficiency of GBA against certain structured cryptosystemsR.Niebuhr, P. - L. Cayrel and J. BuchmannWCC2011163-172.[pdf] [bib] [talk]
21A Lattice-Based Batch Identification SchemeR. Silva, P. - L. Cayrel and R. LindnerITW2011IEEE,215-219.[DOI] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
20Efficient implementation of code-based identification/signatures schemesP. - L. Cayrel, S. M. El Yousfi Alaoui, F. Günther, G. Hoffmann and H. RotherWEWoRC2011[web] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
19A zero-knowledge identification scheme based on the q-ary Syndrome Decoding problem ★P. - L. Cayrel, P. Véron and S. M. El Yousfi AlaouiSAC2010LNCS 6544,171-186.[DOI] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
18Quasi Dyadic CFS Signature SchemeP.S.L.M. Barreto, P. - L. Cayrel, R. Misoczki and R. NiebuhrInscrypt2010LNCS 6584,336-349.[DOI] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
17Improved Zero-knowledge Identification with LatticesP. - L. Cayrel, R. Lindner, M. Rückert and R. SilvaProvSec2010LNCS 6402,1-16.[DOI] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
16A Lattice-Based Threshold Ring Signature SchemeP. - L. Cayrel, R. Lindner, M. Rückert and R. SilvaLatincrypt2010LNCS 6212,255-272.[DOI] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
15Post-Quantum Cryptography : Code-based SignaturesP. - L. Cayrel and M. MezianiISA2010LNCS 6059,82-99.[DOI] [pdf] [bib]
14Attacking code/lattice-based cryptosystems using Partial KnowledgeR.Niebuhr, P. - L. Cayrel, S. Bulygin and J. BuchmannInscrypt2010SPC[pdf] [bib] [talk]
13Multi-Signature Scheme based on Coding TheoryM. Meziani and P. - L. CayrelICCCIS2010186-192.[bib] [talk]
12Dual Construction of Stern-based Signature SchemesP. - L. Cayrel and S. M. El Yousfi AlaouiICCCIS2010369-374.[pdf] [bib] [talk]
11Side channels attacks in code-based cryptographyP. - L. Cayrel and F. StrenzkeCOSADE201024-28.[pdf] [bib]
10On lower bounds for Information Set Decoding over FqR. Niebuhr, P. - L. Cayrel, S. Bulygin and J. BuchmannSCC2010143-157.[pdf] [bib] [talk]
9McEliece/Niederreiter PKC : sensitivity to fault injectionP. - L. Cayrel and P. DusartFEAS2010IEEE,1-6.[DOI] [bib]
8Reducing Key Length of the McEliece Cryptosystem ★T. P. Berger, P. - L. Cayrel, P. Gaborit and A. OtmaniAfricacrypt2009LNCS 5580,77-97. [DOI] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
7Fault injection’s sensitivity of the McEliece PKCP. - L. Cayrel and P. DusartWEWoRC200984-88.[pdf] [bib]
6New results on the Stern identification and signature schemeP. - L. CayrelBull. Brasov20092(51), Series III,3-10.[pdf] [talk]
5A New Efficient Threshold Ring Signature Scheme based on Coding Theory ★C. Aguilar Melchor, P. - L. Cayrel and P. GaboritPQCrypto2008LNCS 5299,1-16.[DOI] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
4Secure Implementation of the Stern Signature Scheme for Low-Resource DevicesP. - L. Cayrel, P. Gaborit and E. ProuffCARDIS2008LNCS 5189,191-205. [DOI] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
3On Kabatianskii-Krouk-Smeets SignaturesP. - L. Cayrel, A. Otmani and D. VergnaudWAIFI2007LNCS 4547,237-251. [DOI] [pdf] [bib] [talk]
2Improved algorithm to find equations for algebraic attacks for combiners with memoryF. Armknecht, P. - L. Cayrel, P. Gaborit and O. RuattaBFCA200781-98.[pdf] [bib] [talk]
1Identity-based identification and signature schemes using correcting codes ★P. - L. Cayrel, P. Gaborit and M. GiraultWCC200769-78.[DOI] [pdf] [bib] [talk]

 Invited talks

2Recent progress in code - based cryptographyP. - L. CayrelTatracrypt 2012 and Cryptarchi 2012
1New results in code-based cryptographyP. - L. CayrelPQSM workshop 2010

 National conferences

9A zero-knowledge identification scheme based on the q-ary Syndrome Decoding problemP. - L. Cayrel, P. Véron and S. M. El Yousfi AlaouiKRYPTOTAG 2010[pdf]
8Quasi Dyadic CFS Signature SchemeP.S.L.M. Barreto, P. - L. Cayrel, R. Misoczki and R. NiebuhrKRYPTOTAG 2010[pdf] [talk]
7Algorithme de décodage (Reed-Muller)P. - L. Cayrel and R. FourquetMAJECSTIC 200911[pdf]
6Nouveaux résultats en cryptographie basée sur les codes correcteurs d’erreursP. - L. CayrelMAJECSTIC 200910[pdf]
5Code-Based Signature SchemesP. - L. CayrelKWE 200823 - 27[pdf] [talk]
4Dis-moi ce que tu consommes, je te dirai qui tu esP. - L. Cayrel and N. El MrabetMAJECSTIC 2008[pdf] [talk]
3Schémas de signature prouvés sûrs fondés sur la théorie des codes correcteurs d’erreursP. - L. Cayrel and L. DallotMAJECSTIC 2008[pdf]
2Attaques algébriquesM. Barbier and P. - L. CayrelMAJECSTIC 2008[pdf] [talk]
1Algorithme amélioré de recherche d’équations dans le cas d’attaques algébriques des registres avec mémoireF. Armknecht, P. - L. Cayrel, P. Gaborit and O. RuattaMAJECSTIC 2007239 - 243[pdf]

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