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mercredi 31 août 2022, par Cayrel

Préparée par Pierre-Louis Cayrel au laboratoire Hubert Curien

Title :
Contributions to code-based cryptography

Abstract :
In this presentation, we will detail several contributions in the context of code-based cryptography. We will describe the context and three axes of research around the syndrome decoding problem (SDP).
The binary version of this problem is NP-complete. On one hand, we will show that several variations of this problem remain NP-complete and permit to obtain efficient schemes.
On the other hand, we will detail how fault injection or side-channel attacks permit us to obtain a much easier problem to solve.
First, we will detail how we can use the q-ary SDP to construct efficient identification and signature schemes.
Second, we will show how we can obtain a secure encryption scheme using the quasi-dyadic SDP and finally we will illustrate how we can attack the McEliece cryptosystem via the SDP over the integers (N-SDP).

Composition du jury :
Damien Vergnaud (Sorbonne Université), rapporteur
Nadia El Mrabet (Ecole des mines de Saint-Etienne), rapportrice
Bruno Martin (Université Côte d’Azur), rapporteur
Lilian Bossuet (Hubert Curien), tuteur
Arnaud Tisserand (Université Bretagne Sud), examinateur
Jean-Claude Bajard (Sorbonne Université), examinateur

Soutenance :
La soutenance a eu lieu le 31/08/2022.

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Le manuscrit :